To become an affiliate, please contact us RepoSystems at 972-501-0375 or send an email to info@platetrax.com.

PlateTrax was developed to assist those in the collateral recovery industry in locating assets that they are currently looking for, i.e. BOLO’s or “be on the look out”.

Using our Tag Locate or Upload Plates functionality you can search our database to see if the tags have been spotted by one of our approved LPR system operators.

If they have been seen you can purchase those “locates”, or we like to call them, “trax” using our services. 100% of the locate fee goes to the LPR Operator. RepoSystems offers this as a free service to it's LPR operators.

If you would like to enter a list of items and be notified in the future if one of our LPR operators scans the tag, please use the Upload Plates functionality. You must have either a PlateTrax, RepoSystems, VIN2Plate or SkipHunter login to use this functionality.